// I can safely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that if I was still in The LPV, I would have had at least two Raclettes by now this fall. How can I be so sure? Because that’s how many Gregory has had; two Raclettes, both last week! I hate him. (j/k)

// Besides stuffing himself with delicious, gooey cheese and potatoes, Gregory’s been chowing down on good ol’ Le Petit Village pizza van, pizza. Last Friday he headed up that way to spend the evening with Honey Jr and Honey’s Honey. He was kind enough to snap a photo for me of the pie they chose; the Norvégienne, my favorite pizza van, pizza. I hate him. (j/k)

// While Gregory was hanging with The Honeys, my oh so exciting Saturday night at home with my mother consisted of a round of cards, followed by the movie, Up, which neither of us have ever seen (but our reactions were pretty much like this), and Sleeping Beauty, the old, animated one from a zillion years ago, which I haven’t seen since I was a tot. After seeing that minx, Maleficent, in the cartoon version, I now want to see Angelina Jolie’s version. (Confession: I never really wanted to see it, mostly because I’ve felt like Angelina Jolie was kind of playing herself in the movie, and I was like, meh. Harsh, yes, but my opinion.)

// Speaking of Angelina, have you heard that Brangelina is producing a red now to match their rosé? I wonder if it will be as over hyped and overpriced as their pink one? Probably. Me, I’m sticking to this beautiful bottle that The Honey’s gave to Gregory to bring over to me. Man, I miss The Honeys, they’re good people. (In my book, you give me wine, you’re ‘good people’.)

// And because I want to get my hands on that bottle of wine sooner rather than later, Gregory and I have decided that he’s coming to Texas for Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! (Ignore those ho ho’s. There should be no ho ho’s until after Thanksgiving. I apologize, but I’m feeling jolly.) 

12 responses to “ouf”

  1. Yay to Gregory come over for Christmas! That is the BEST news! Let the countdown begin. I'm also with you on the no ho, ho, ho's before Thanksgiving. Christmas is creeping in a little too early for my liking nowadays! x


  2. I'm so glad Gregory is coming over for Christmas.i LOVED Maleficent. Loved it!!


  3. I'm so happy for you that Gregory is coming over to celebrate Christmas with you ! * Sarah Grace


  4. Huzzah for Christmas visits! Transatlantic flights are almost always worth their cost in sanity. 🙂 When I lived in France, there was a very mystical pizza van, too! It was like a gift from the gods every time we saw it.


  5. Yay! So great that you will get to see each other over Christmas! And now I am craving pizza and raclette!


  6. Oh yay!! So glad he'll be with you for Christmas!! A little blessing in the midst of all the yucky process!!


  7. Uggh I'm jealous about the raclettes as well. Where in Texas are you??


  8. YAY so glad Gregory will be there for Christmas! And hopefully the visa will be sorted not too long after!


  9. Yeah!! I am going for a “hoo-hoo-hoo- yay!!!!!” first (can you hear it?) That is great news!! I know how much you like the holidays, so my heart is warmed up by the idea that you will be together!


  10. So pleased to hear that Gregory is spending Christmas with you. Over here Christmas seems to creep in earlier and earlier in the shops. Raclette is the perfect comfort food at this time of year!


  11. YAY to a Christmas visit! that is the happiest thing ever. I am so glad you'll get to celebrate the holidays together!


  12. Very happy for you and Gregory that you will be together for Christmas. I would be surprised if you can't find Raclette there in Texas. We can find it from both France and Switzerland at several independent grocery stores here in Northern CA. So you shouldn't deprive yourself of Raclette just because you are Gregory deprived.


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