Behind The Photos XVIII

For this edition of Behind the Photos, I’m going back to my first trip to Lyon; the destination of Gregory’s and my first wedding anniversary, celebratory getaway in March 2011. I’m hoping that by looking at these photos and reminiscing, I might remember what it feels like to be married, because truthfully, thanks to this extra-long, drawn out, Green Card bupkis, I feel like I’m forgetting. 

We chose Lyon for our getaway because of its reputation as the ‘gastronomic capital of France’. The fact that there is a Starbucks there, is the reason I chose it. True story, and a perfect example of how far expats will go sometimes for a taste of home. That photo there is Gregory in our hotel room only a few minutes after we had checked in, planning our route to my vanilla latte.

Look at me up there smiling and giddy with sugar and caffeine. I’ve got my grande vanilla latte in one hand, and my new Starbucks city mug, Lyon edition, in the other. It’s funny, because in the eight months since I’ve been back in the States,  I’ve had Starbucks exactly three times; once as soon I arrived because I had to, once on an early morning drive from Austin to keep me awake, and last week to get my hands on a Gingerbread Latte (when it comes to seasonal Starbucks, I skip the PSL and go Christmas every time).

Here’s Gregory smiling which is very rare. Not that he doesn’t smile, he does, but he hates smiling in photographs, mainly because he hates photographs. I think he was smiling here because our task of the day was completed, the task being Starbucks of course. Gregory doesn’t particularly care about Starbucks, if I twist his arm he might order like a smoothie, or a sandwich, or if he’s feeling extra fancy, a hot chocolate. Gregory is very French when it comes to his coffee; he only likes it small in one of those tiny cups and never, ever, to go. Oh, and he was also probably smiling because we were on our way to find someplace to eat lunch. Lunch makes Gregory happy.

Twinkies! We found the best place for lunch! For the life of me I can’t remember the name and that kills me (I had planned on looking up the place when we got back to The LPV, but unfortunately, as soon as we got back, this badness happened, and thoughts of the restaurant flitted away), but I remember eating there, soaking up the elegant, yet cozy atmosphere, and thinking that I’d love to live in Lyon, and if I did, I’d eat at that restaurant all the time. What kind of person would move to a city based on one restaurant? Probably the same type that picks a holiday destination on whether there’s a Starbucks there or not.

Look, I have wings! Does that ever happen to anyone else when they ponytail their hair, you get wings? Gregory, if you’re reading this, thank you for letting me know that I had major fly aways while you were taking my photo, way to have my back buddy. OK, ignore the wings. This was our ‘dessert’ at Les Halles Paul Bocuse. If you like food, then you have to make a pilgrimage to Les Halles sometime in your life. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. So, this is me with my dessert; a glass of white wine and a dozen oysters. I’m savory, not sweet.

And here’s cranky pants Gregory. I wish I could remember what his scrunched up, grouchy face was about, but I can’t. I can tell you however, that it was most likely because he was tired of walking, or hungry, or I made him go into a shop or something. Those are pretty much the only things that make for cranky pants Gregory (except for having to wait over a year for a Green Card of course). 

8 responses to “Behind The Photos XVIII”

  1. Cute photos, v. cute..but, honestly, what stuck with me were your wings. THAT HAPPENS TO ME!! People at school used to call them my feathers. I hate them and have found that the only thing that will tame them is coca cola (don't ask me how I discovered this) but yeah, it works – only thing is, I can't imagine cola being good for your hair!


  2. I am sitting here not only enjoying your flashback but wishing there was something to be done about the green card business. I'm very unhappy for you. It's utterly ridiculous how long this is taking. Fingers crossed the wait is over very soon.


  3. Hey, Gregory and I have a lot in common. I don't like Starbucks, prefer my petit café standing at a bar, lunch, get tired of walking and don't like going into shops or waiting for Shirley while she is there. I hope your green card situation gets resolved soon. Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. You and Gregory are so cute and your happiness is 100% radiated in these pictures. The small coffees in Paris were not cutting it for me whatsoever – I NEEDED at least two (and got weird looks when ordering a second – c'est la vie). This looks lovely and I also LOVE that you picked a place based on Starbucks. Food is crucial, I could never move somewhere that there weren't restaurants I loved!


  5. Oh wow, I never would have noticed the hair wings if you hadn't pointed them out. I think that's a curly hair thing, I get major fly aways and frizz no matter what hair style I try to rock.


  6. I get cranky when I am hungry so I completely understand Gregory's facial expression! I always love seeing your pictures, thanks so much for sharing! And of course good luck with the stupid Green Card!


  7. I also rush to Starbucks when I get a chance in France — mainly in Paris — but hardly ever have one in the USA. Actually there are much better coffee shops where I am from in Olympia, WA!


  8. Hah I'm laughing at all the non-photo op pictures because that's what life is really like. And you two are adorable


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