There is a list of places in France that I’ve always wanted to go to, but never had a chance because, you know, life. Not getting to places like Versailles I can understand, because that’s a long journey from Le Petit Village, but there were loads of places not too far that I never made it to, places like; Bandol, Nice and Antibes, and Sanary-sur-Mer.

Sidebar: For four years I harassed Gregory to take me to Nice… please, please, I beg, and always the answer was no (with a Gallic huff and puff naturally). Gregory had this thing about Nice, he didn’t like it. And the fact that he had never actually been to Nice didn’t seem to matter. Well this summer, Gregory and Mrs. London brought some South Africans that were visiting Toulon down to Nice for the day, and afterwards Gregory phoned me and apologised because he loved Nice and thought it was simply the bee’s knees. Well too little too late Gregory! (Needless to say, he’s in the dog house for this one.

On the Sunday after I arrived in France for my visit, Mrs. London and I decided to take advantage of the fact that the boys were busy, and go to one of the places on my list. We actually chose Bandol and were heading in that direction, but somehow along the way, we found ourselves taking the exit for Sanary-sur-Mer instead (it was closer and we were hungry).

Let me tell you something, there is nothing so lovely as soaking up the soft sun rays of a perfect summer day while looking out over the Mediterranean Sea (or any sea really) and sipping a chilled glass of Rosé. It truly is a delightful way to spend an afternoon, and in Sanary-sur-Mer, that is exactly what Mrs. London and I did. And without Gregory and Mr. London to get in our way with their Bumder shenanigans, it was all the more delightful.  

Not too shabby, is it? If I had ruby, red slippers, I’d be clicking my heels right this very second. 

12 responses to “Sanary-sur-Mer”

  1. If my bf pulled one like that on me (re: Nice) he'd be in the doghouse too!! Loved this post, like taking a little break to Sanary-sur-Mer on this dreary Thursday 🙂


  2. Such a cute place! On one of my trips to France before J moved to the States we rented a little apartment in Sanary for a week. So glad you finally got to go, it really is beautiful!


  3. I adore Sanary! Me and Fredrik have been there twice, renting a house from a friend both times. It's really a lovely town.


  4. Beautiful! I wouldn't mind having a glass of wine there right now!


  5. ahh this looks so gorgeous!


  6. Not shabby at all. My DB loves Nice – it's his spiritual home. He's just come back actually from a visit and regrets not living there any more.


  7. You gotta ride that guilt-train as long as you can. Maybe get a trip to Oz thrown in for all your troubles


  8. Sanary is on my list of seaside villages to visit, preferably on market day as I hear there is a very nice market there. I have made it as far as Bandol but never quite made it all the way to Sanary. Your pictures make me push it up my mental list as it looks as beautiful as I have heard.


  9. I only spent a day and a night in Nice, but it was beautiful.


  10. “there is nothing so lovely as soaking up the soft sun rays of a perfect summer day while looking out over the Mediterranean Sea and sipping a chilled glass of rosé” – and now I'm crying thinking about how much I miss my summer in Antibes. there's really no place else like the south of France.


  11. What a beautiful place! I love the colors and style of the architecture! I've heard mixed feelings about Nice – it seems some people love it and others thought it, well, left a little to be desired. All the pictures I've seen are lovely, though!


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