Behind The Photos XIX

Today’s edition of Behind The Photos picks up a couple of weeks where the last one left off… Gregory and I had celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Lyon, and sadly, the day after we returned home, my father passed away. So we went to the States for a couple of weeks, but when we came back, not only had spring arrived in Le Petit Village, but so had La Petite.

Having this bundle of cuteness to to hold and cuddle after saying goodbye to my dad was the best way to help me through the grieving process. Circle of life that is.

When winter would finally leave us, and spring would trinkle in, we would have apéro outside every chance we got. It was always just the handful of us, sitting outside the bar on haphazardly strewn chairs (i.e; practically in the middle of the road) enjoying the warming weather and the solitude before the tourists came. Looking at this photo is surreal for me now, it’s only been eight months since I left The LPV, but this photo seems like a lifetime and a whole other world away. It’s hard to believe that was my life.

This would be the highlight of our Friday night… a car would pull up and we’d see if whoever was inside had any ideas if there was anything going on or what we could all get up to. They usually didn’t. It made me feel like I was seventeen years old again looking for a party.

And once it was warm enough, we couldn’t wait to start barbecue season. Here’s Brother-in-Law manning the grill with his father-in-law watching over him. And of course there’s Gregory doing something ridiculous. I’m not sure what he’s got in his hand but it looks suspiciously like a machete. Considering this next barbecue photo, that wouldn’t surprise me at all…

This. I have no words for this. I remember taking the photo and I remember being every bit as confused about it then, as I am now.

Whenever I come across this photo in my album, it never fails to make me smile. There’s Gregory with Child Bride’s little sister, Wolf (that’s her actual name, true story). Since she’s Gregory’s and my sister-in-law’s sister, she’s kind of like our little sister too, and Gregory teases her as such. Like here for example, when he not only stole her bracelets, but her chocolate cake too. If you ever wanted to know who would steal candy from a baby, well now you do, Gregory would.

8 responses to “Behind The Photos XIX”

  1. Awww, these are such cute pics and no wonder you miss them all


  2. Awww big hug I love looking through old photos 🙂


  3. I love those pics, so cute! LPV reminds me of many holidays spent in France as a child, it looks beautiful!


  4. What powerful memories, death followed by birth…I can't tell you why, but that photo of you gathered in the road with the haphazard chairs around the table having and an aperitif is just lovely. Ah to lIfe's little pleasures..


  5. I can imagine that a baby helped a lot with your grieving process….Love seeing all your pictures. And Wolf is a pretty cool name!


  6. When I look through my old photos from the time I lived in France I can't quite believe that that was my life back them. I know exactly how you feel. In fact I think it's time for me to get the albums out again!!


  7. Beautiful memories and pictures to accompany them – I love how you write, which I know I say all the time, but I can legitimately picture you saying all those words. You really live life, and I love reading about it and all of your adventures! 🙂


  8. What a bonny baby! Lovely memories there, and the photo of the apero on the road is just a classic. A quintessential moment.


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