Well Your Faith Was Strong But You Needed Proof

On the last mail day of 2017 (or post day if you’re so inclined), this finally happened.

It only took 1501 days.

And it only took me 59 days to tell you about it (but in fairness, I did tell Facebook).

Here’s another fun number…

It’s been 473 days since I’ve popped in here, hopefully it won’t take me 473 to pop in again.

Tu me manques.

13 responses to “Well Your Faith Was Strong But You Needed Proof”

  1. Finally! This is an incredible story and I’m so impressed of you both.


  2. The strength you two have had been amazing! Good luck for your future


  3. Congrats! The guide looks good! Best of Luck!


  4. Finally!!! Congratulations to you both. xoxoxoxoxox


  5. So pleased for you both. Have often wondered what happened. Welcome to your husband. Hope he is happy here.


  6. YAY!!!!! Felicitations!!! I’m so happy for y’all. At long last! 🙂


  7. How wonderful! I have hoped this for you both. Thank you for sharing this good news with us.


  8. Woohooo!!! Congrats to you both!! 🙂 xx


  9. Yay Sara and Gregory!!! Huge congrats and welcome to the US ;))


  10. Congrats you two! Cheers.


  11. Je suis ravie que vous revenez sur votre blog ! Je vous avais félicité sur instagram pour cette merveilleuse nouvelle, si longtemps attendue.


  12. Congratulations! I bet your puppy is beyond happy, too. Best Wishes for a fabulousfuture here in the U.S.


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