F i n a l l y

Something amazing is happening this weekend.

(No, not me blogging twice in one week even though that is fairly spectacular.)

I’m moving.

After four and a half years of living like a gypsy, splitting my time between Dublin, London, Copenhagen (I kept that one close to the chest), and my mother’s in Texas, I finally get to be still.

I know that the thought of unpacking box upon box is horrible to some, but for me, I’m elated! After four and half years, I’m unpacking kitchen boxes into MY kitchen, putting books on shelves in MY living room, and hanging clothes in MY closet.

I could go on and on and wax-poetic about all of the feelings I’m feeling but I don’t have that kind of time.

Because I’m moving.


12 responses to “F i n a l l y”

  1. Congrats! Are you moving to Michigan??


  2. Thanks! And nope, despite that Grand Rapids sign on that building, that's actually not Michigan πŸ˜‚


  3. Congratulations! Sounds great! Why the mystery? What's your destination Sara Louise?


  4. Thanks! I'm not intentionally trying to be mysterious, I've always kept where I lived somewhat secretive. But, there's always been plenty of clues…


  5. Wonderful! Perhaps a slightly larger village somewhere. Hope this means that you will soon be a family of three.


  6. Well, congrats dear. So happy for you. I thought you'd been in Texas all this time. Hope it's California cause I'm coming too! Donna@gather


  7. Best of luck with your move! X


  8. Woohoo!!! Awesomesauce!!! Are you still in Texas?


  9. It's definitely a larger village πŸ˜‚


  10. Yep, still in The T X πŸ™‚


  11. What a great feeling – to finally be still. I also feel you on not sharing every nitnoid thing in your personal life. I find, actually, that I share less now because everyone is so busy whipping out cameras and sharing everything on social media. It's good to have control over those things in your life YOU feel the need to share. No question here, lovely; only love, light, and good wishes for whatever lies ahead. xx


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