No More Vacations

If you’ve followed me on Instagram over the years, you know that pre-pandemic, I traveled quite a bit. Back and forth from Texas to Dublin, London, and Copenhagen I would go. 

I’m sure it looked fun, I’m sure it looked fabulous, but it wasn’t, really. These were me trying to hold my marriage together trips, not fun, fabulous trips.

I’d bounce around rolling my carry-on, smile plastered on my face hoping for the best. These were not vacations. (But of course, there are a few amusing anecdotes I’m sure I’ll be pulling out in the future. Stay tuned…

But, this summer, I, Sara Louise, was finally going on vacation — an actual holiday to a new destination. I was going to Maine, a state so perfectly poised for vacationing that their license plates have “Vacationland” stamped on them. (And let’s not forget the lobstah rolls.

My Auntie Ilene, who you may recall, had invited me to her summer cottage on a bay in Maine. How perfectly charming does that sound? 

You know what doesn’t sound perfectly charming, SHINGLES. Yes, shingles. I got Shingles right before I was due to leave. My body went into such shock at the thought of relaxation that it revolted with a stinging, burning, aching rash. But, with an OK from my doc and an “if you still feel up to it” from Auntie Ilene, I deposited Fifty at camp and hit the road north to Vacationland because if you’re going to suffer with Shingles, you might as well do it while sitting on the dock of the bay. 

And that’s what I did,  I sat on the (floating) dock of the (Linekin) bay. (I did some other stuff, too, but if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already know that.

Meanwhile, at camp… Fifty caught Kennel Cough. KENNEL COUGH!

I caught Shingles; he caught Kennel Cough. And there you have it. No more vacations for us. The end. 

P.S. Fifty is on the mend and getting stronger every day. Thank you for your positive thoughts and messages of support they meant the world to Fifty and me. 

7 responses to “No More Vacations”

  1. This is just both of your bodies getting rid of the stress…you'll be more ready to relax and vacation then ever. You're doing great, can't wait to see you travel for fun again!


  2. So glad to hear that Fifty is on the mend. Now you just need to get yourself in order – more self-care on the menu, please. Shingles are no joke 😦


  3. Ugh I am so sorry that y'all both got sick. Bowie also caught kennel cough this summer and is still trying to shake it, a month later


  4. sending well wishes your way.


  5. I remember the travelling and thought how fantastic it all looked. We never really know what's going on in a marriage do we? Only those in it know the reality. I'm glad you and Fifty are doing better and that you can now enjoy the holiday and the rest, which I suspect is much needed and long overdue.


  6. This is Deborah from long ago Fashion Plate – I've been poking around all the blogs I loved and read this one. You will be great. Your shine is shiny and you are effervescent. I know it will be good. I know the suffering wasn't fun. And that part sucks and I'm so sorry.


  7. Shingles is truly terrible, so glad you're on the mend (and of course, Fifty, too)! So happy to see you writing again, even if it's taken a turn. But you never know what's happening, inside, really, do you? Either way, if you write it, I'll read it…


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