Enough is Enough

You know, nothing really prepares you for seeing a blown-up photocopy of one of your wedding photos in a police file. But there it was, sitting on the table in front of a detective at a Garda station in Dublin.

Back in November, I decided that enough was enough. My husband has gotten away with his cruelty and deceit for far too long. He was living his life with his “wife” and child and was quite content to pretend like our previous life together simply didn’t exist. (For the record, I’d love to do that too, but continuing to be married to the bigamist is having quite a negative impact on various aspects of my life and wallet.)

You see, whenever I would contact him about divorce, he’d lie about his whereabouts and generally be evasive and uncooperative. And I couldn’t understand why until I finally realized he didn’t want to get divorced because doing that would blow up his happy little life because she would find out about me.

Well, EFF THAT. Enough is enough. I needed to get serious about taking back my life. He has stolen enough of it.

So, I contacted a detective friend of mine in Ireland, the country where the crime of the bigamy occurred, and he gave me some advice, and I took it. And that’s how I ended up sitting in a police station in Dublin for more than three hours giving a statement.

And it was weird. And distressing. And sad. But it was needed.

Because the thing is, I don’t want revenge. I want justice.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who helped me get the ball rolling so I can take my life back. It’s going to be a long and slow road, but as long as you guys have my back, I’m good.

P.P.S. I’d like to share more but it’s probably best for the investigation if I hold off on that for awhile. And, I’m pretty sure he still lurks in my social media spaces… hiiiiiiiiii 👋🏽

3 responses to “Enough is Enough”

  1. Always got your back! x

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  2. So sorry that this is still going on, and on and on…. Somehow I had missed the last few posts and didn’t realize. Wish I could do something useful to help. Reach out!

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    1. I’m glad you got the strength to get this ball rolling. You deserve your life back. Glad I could give some help 😘


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