You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide

Here’s a fun fact about Sweden, everyone’s personal information is available online. Like you want to get someone’s address or phone number, find out their birthday, or even whether they own or rent, Google their name, and BAM.

Because of this, a handful of friends and family have kept me abreast of G’s life and whereabouts (sometimes whether I want to know or not). 

Sidebar: I never ever Google him or her; I don’t need the internet to traumatize me any more than it already has, thank you very much. 

As you can imagine, not everyone living in Sweden is in love with their information being so public, so there are ways that you can go about hiding it online. And surprise, surprise, ever since the detective made the first contact, a certain someone has been trying to do just that.

I wish I could say that finding out he’s trying to hide didn’t bother me, but I can’t. It’s a reminder that this whole thing still isn’t over and that it never had to be this complicated.

All he had to do was come clean and tell me where he lived so I could file for divorce, but whatever insane mental illness he has wouldn’t let him. (I mean, I’m no doctor, but if I had to guess, I’d say narcissistic sociopath.) As recently as August, he told me that he lived in California, had no contact with her or the baby, and couldn’t give me an address because he was staying in an Airbnb. Meanwhile, my mother was able to find out that both he and his “wife” had moved into a new house in Sweden. His name was on the lease FFS.

So yeah, still lying, still hiding, when this could have been the most straightforward and inexpensive divorce ever. (If I was texting this to you, this is where I would insert the eye roll emoji, followed by all the frustrated ones, and then the red sweary face one.) Instead, I had to go to the police because sometimes, when you eff around, you find out.  

The thing is though, just because you can make yourself private online, it doesn’t mean you can make yourself private from the law. 

You can run, but you can’t hide. 

5 responses to “You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide”

  1. Got that personality spot on 👌
    Keep on going sweetie, you can only gain from this point on 😍

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  2. I’m glad you’re making some progress with the divorce and this POS. He’s the human equivalent of a rat! He can run and try to hide, but they’ll catch him. Sounds like they have! Hang in there!

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  3. He’s going down. The sooner, the better. You might not be a doctor, but I think your diagnosis is accurate. What you have endured would test the strongest human. I’m so sorry, but I also admire your stamina. Things will get so much better soon, and I hope you think so, too. Sending all the good juju to you, and bad juju to that creep.

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  4. Hang tough, Sara! You are making progress, and there of lots of good wishes out here for you. Fingers firmly crossed. You go, Girl!

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  5. You can’t help but wonder what on earth went on in his tiny mind when he made the decision to become a bigamist and try and deny you your right to a divorce. I mean, any sane person would just have told you that sorry, they had met someone else and wanted a divorce, job done. I suppose that was just too logical and sensible for Mr. Shit for Brains. Sending strength to get through this.

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