the ultimate

Let’s say Santa was being really generous this year… like R E A L L Y freaking generous, like Santa won the euromillions and wanted to spread the joy, well this is what I would ask him for…

Santa my darling… don’t you think this Patek Philippe watch would look pretty swanky on my dainty wrist…

Yes, I think it would too. 

Hmmm…. let’s see… what time is it?

Oh, it’s time to fly all of my family and friends from the US, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, and Australia to get together for one wonderful week long shindig and we would have it here…

Look at that… it’s the Hampton’s mansion from Revenge.

Do you like it? I do.

I should probably look nice for the big soirée so how about this hair…

While you’re at it, feel free to give me Jessica Biel’s body too. And since I’ll look banging, wrap me up in a Hervé Léger dress for the festivities. B A N G I N G.

Everything OK so far? 


And Santa, since I’m sure we probably would wreck the place anyway, (my Irish family can throw it down), you might as well just hand me the deed and let me keep the house. I’d also like the closets filled with Stella McCartney’s latest collection. I’ll need some swanky clothes to swan around the manse in.

Since I’m going to be Stateside for at least a couple of months a year Santa, living it up in my new home, I’ll need a new car too… this Maserati would do fine…

Now obviously this is not going to fit under the tree, so go ahead and leave it wrapped in a big red bow in front of my new house. And since you’ll have the red ribbon out, wrap the mansion in a big red bow too.

That should about do it… until next year anyway. 

But seriously Santa, if you don’t happen to win the euromillions, I’d be very happy if you can just spread a little peace and happiness around, maybe sort out this whole pesky eurozone crisis thing, and a Starbucks in Le Petit Village, wouldn’t go amiss (I did ask for this before… I’m still waiting. Just saying).

Love ya lots big guy.


19 responses to “the ultimate”

  1. I feel guilty every time I go in Starbucks and mindlessly order my favorite drink of the season. Well, not very. Hope you get this wish… soon!


  2. i hope santa reads this post in time to consider some of the above:))


  3. I do believe I'm liking your Santa. Tell him I have a list as well!Merry Christmas!


  4. A….I like the mansion too. Pretty swanky if I do say so. I haven't watched the show “Revenge”. Is it good?Really I don't know why a Starbucks couldn't open up near you…really Santa.


  5. Hey if your Santa comes through, send him my way; I have a long list too!


  6. Man, I just posted my wish list and I think I aimed too low! Dresses and a bookstore gift card? I should have been wishing for houses and cars! I'll do better next time!


  7. Hey…great post. Thanks for your comment on my blog.


  8. holy cow. you need to email so we can chat about Revenge. i don't know too many who watch it also…


  9. So just in case you do get the mansion – can I have an invite, please pretty pleeease?


  10. Ever since I went to see “Les Intouchables” I want the Maserati too!


  11. Ahahahahaha! Too good. Nice Xmas wish list! I'm asking for a scholarship to pay for grad school…that and a refill of my Tom Ford perfume. Here's to hoping!


  12. Are you watching Revenge…oh guilty American pleasure!


  13. That watch is all kinds of fabulosity. I am so in love with it. :) @GlamKitten88


  14. If you get Santa to give you that Starbucks put in a good word for me! I'm still waiting….


  15. i love jessica's hair!


  16. Such a fun(ny) post. I love it! Jessica Biel's hair does look amazing. Noticed that this week, too!


  17. love the watch and hair!xoxo navy & orange


  18. OMG! I put that very Maserati on my Facebook wish list!!! (Along with a Tiffany diamond ring). I think we are related!


  19. Girl, I'm ready for that Hampton's party — hell to the yes!!! But, I think it needs a Starbucks INSIDE the house — I'll add that to your list for Santa 🙂


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