13 Going on 30 (something or other)

I did something crazy.
I, an adult woman, got braces. 
Not Invisalign. Braces. 
It’s been on the list for a long time but due to life and whatnot (y’all know about all the whatnot), it kept getting pushed further and further down that list. 
(Except, I will say that a few years back in The LPV I did go to get them but ended up needing a root canal and left the office over €1000 lighter and there went the braces. But in hindsight, I’m glad that l’orthodontiste didn’t put braces on me because maisongarçon (French for homeboy obvs) jacked it all up, caused a massive infection, which led to bone loss, and then oral surgery a couple of years ago to fix it. Merci fils de pute! (Don’t try to translate that last bit… it’s naughty.)
Anyway, a few weeks ago, I decided enough is enough; I’m getting them and I’ll make life work around me for once. (This is when my theme song should begin to play btw.)
(Note to self: pick a theme song)
So, now I have braces and there still very new and I’m still getting used to them and the fact that I can’t get my Olivia Pope on with my popcorn and I have to forgo my beloved gummy bears, but I’ll get used to it. And get used to the fact that I’m a grumble-grumble-inaudible aged woman with braces.  
But I will say this, a big part of all the nervousness about being an adult with brace-face disappeared as soon as my shamazing orthodontist said this in response to my embarrassment about being seen with them: 
“They’ll see a grown woman taking care of herself.” 
To my orthodontist I say, PREACH QUEEN. 
And that’s that. I’m doing me right now. 
What’s new with you? (I genuinely want to know.)
Are you letting life work you over, or are you making it work for you? (That should probably be werk).
Your Brace-Face

8 responses to “13 Going on 30 (something or other)”

  1. My colleague who's in his fifties is getting braces. So this doesn't actually seem all that rare to me. They definitely look less noticeable than they were when we were teenagers. Guess you won't be picking different bright colors at every visit though… anyway good for you.


  2. The parallels! I just got orthodontia started as a 30-something as well. (I opted for clear trays, so had to give up my beloved coffee.) I'm about 1/4 of the way through, and I mostly don't regret it. (There are moments…)For your theme song, perhaps consider adding “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves”?


  3. Good for you for following through even though there were several road blocks. 😀


  4. Hi Sara,Don't fret, I got Invisalign last year because they cost nearly 2,000 pounds cheaper than regular braces, which is crazy! They were a pain in the ass too…limited coffee and red wine, etc, but I got through it and now I have my retainer wires on. Good luck! 😉


  5. I always love to see a post of yours Sara. You look wonderful in your braces and are probably having to fight off the young guys with raging hormones. I am not on instagram so I don't know what's going on with you but I hope it's all good. I've been writing another novel for the past two months. I decided to give the dream one more shot. It has been thirty years since the last one. I have over 50,000 words now and hope to finish the first draft in a month. Then comes the hard part and I've tried not to think that far ahead. My little weenie girls are fading, and lie between my legs for warmth. I can't think about losing them either. Aging is a terrible trial, so remember to enjoy each and every day — come rain or shine. Donna@gather


  6. Sweet Sara seeing your post was a thrill. You were one of the first blogs I followed when I first started. It was always a joy to hear about your life in France. I hope you continue to share with us. James


  7. Good on you! I've heard folks also say that getting braces was the best form of dieting they'd ever gone through 🙂 Your teeth are going to look beautiful when you're done!


  8. Good for you, Sara! I look around and wish my parents had gotten braces for me and regret that i didn't do it for myself. Am too old now to get my money's worth! It's the healthy thing to do, and if it makes you feel good about yourself – perfect!


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